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The Day After....

I read the stuff in our journal and I'd love to write my response but I'm almost out of coins so I'm going to call you tomorrow and just tell you!

Okay so overall, my birthday wasn't bad, but it was definitely the worst birthday I've ever had(through no fault of your own so I don't wanna hear any "I'm Sorry's"). Started out going to the Catacombs, I told you about them, then we came back into the city and saw an arch, then the pyrimad, then we headed back to the hotel. I had lunch at a pizzeria with Jason, Brett and Jason's girlfriend. The food was good so that's nothing to complain about. Then it was just reading until 8:30 when me and about 5 other people went down to the "Colosseum PubCrawl". Basically, a bunch of Americans meet outside of the colosseum and drink(free drinks) until about 10 when they start the crawl to about 5 different bars. It's pretty evident that it's a racket but it's discounted alcohol so I don't think anyone cares. I didn't have to pay for the admission fee though cause it was my birthday, so that was cool. Anyway, I had a good time until we went to the first bar.
I'm gonna say right now that the only reason I will ever go to a bar is to see live music. I've learned that I do not like bars. Period. I think I was there maybe 5 minutes before I decided I was not a "bar kind of person". I told Andy and he said it was cool and helped me figure out where we were so I could walk back to the hotel. The walk back was actually really nice. It was cool out and there weren't that many people.
When I got back Adam, his girlfriend and her roommate were in my room but when I got there his girlfriend and the roomie left. That was cool with me, but about 5 minutes later they came back with a little bit of cake and some cookies for me for my birthday. It was really nice of them but I really hate being felt sorry for, and I think that's how they felt. We four sat in the room and talked for about an hour and then they left and we went to sleep.
Overall, like I said, not a bad birthday, just the worst one I've ever had.

Today we had to go out around 9:30 and catch the metro to the Roman Forum. I thought that place was really cool. I think it would have looked amazing when everything wasn't fallen down. I took a lot of pictures so I'll show them to you when I get back. After that we took a break for lunch and Christina and I went to a restaurant for lunch. I'm not sure if the service here sucks everywhere or if it was just that we're Americans, but it's been pretty bad almost everywhere we go. Anyways, after that we went to Palistate Hill. It's the place where all the senators and really important people lived. It was actually really interesting. They had a private sports complex that was amazing and all the homes were laid out and everything.
After that we came back to the hotel. I made plans with Danny and Sean to go to dinner and then a movie at 6:30 but they never showed up, so I went and got my ticket for the movie, got a sandwich, read my book a bit and now I'm writing to you! Overall I feel pretty good about today(except for the getting stoodup part). I'm gonna call you tomorrow! I can't wait! We're definitely gonna talk about what you wrote in your email and livejournal. I love you so much and I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE A BREAK!!!!! If I did I would tell you, trust me. I love you, Lauren. I'll talk to you tomorrow(yay!).
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