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Bad Night/Weird Night

So today was not so great. Especially not at night. We started out going to a museum, which was nice but it got boring really fast(others thought the same) and then we went and saw one of the first Roman apartment buildings, which was kinda cool.
After that I basically just sat in my room and finished my book. The ending was really good, very good actually. Very Stephen King. After that I had nothing to do so I took a couple shots of my Vodka(this was around 7:30) and watched tv. After half an our I was halfway to being drunk so I went outside and had a cigarette(I was really bored). The cigarette got me pretty high for about 5 minutes. I was having trouble remembering things I had done 10 seconds after I had done them(it's actually kind of cool to look at a pack of cigarettes and not know how they got into your hand, very Mementoish). I was getting extremely depressed so I went back inside, realized I had forgotten my keys in my room and asked the desk clerk to let me in. He gave me his keys and I when I got to my room I realized that my keys were actually in my pocket. By this time I was very very depressed, seeing as I had talked to you and reaffirmed just how much I miss you and home and I was drunk and slightly high. I decided to rest and fell asleep till about 10:30. Then I woke up still depressed but no longer inebriated. I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about how much I missed you and how much Rome sucks(and yes it does) and how much I hated everything about it. Whenever anyone says Italians are nice they are lying. The service here is deplorable and everyone is a jackass, especially the waiters. I haven't been to a restaurant with decent(not even good) service yet. So I finally fell asleep, had a nightmare about a car crash and a extremely disturbing exploding baby chicken(I'll explain more later but it was enough to wake me up). After that I fell asleep again and had my first Lucid Dream!! It was actually really cool. I'll describe it in detail on the phone but the coolest part was saying to mom "wait a second, I'm dreaming. I'm still in bed in the hotel" and her actually replying with "yes, you're dreaming". Really cool stuff.

Today was definitely much better. We saw an enormous roman bath to start, then went on to the Circus Maximus and finally some old apartment buildings and a few arches. Then I went to lunch with some of the people in the group, got a book in a bookstore(Angels and Demons) and went to a small park with Nicole and Justine to read. After that we went to the ATM and a Tabbachi for stamps. Then we went and saw one of the churches that is in the book I'm reading. Finally we went back to the hotel, I read for a bit and then came here. Sorry this is kinda short but I'm meeting them for dinner and then a cafe for some wine in about 15 minutes.

I can't tell you how much I wish you were here right now. It pretty much sucks balls without you(excuse the extremely dumb words). I love you very very much and I can't believe I still have 1 1/2 weeks till I get to come home. Ugh. I love you, I'll call soon. Bye!
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