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Getting better, but still missing...

So it's not longer the month of my birthday, which for is slightly depressing for some odd reason. I don't feel 21 at all. Maybe when I get back.... But it is the month of Lauren's birthday!!! 7 days hon! One week till you're in your twenties!! No longer a true teenager! How's it feel?
Anyway, yesterday was pretty average until after dinner, but I'll get to that. We started out at a really boring hotel full of busts of people I don't know or care about. It went by fast though so that was nice. After that we went to a tower that had been converted to a restaurant. Harvey(the professor) was only explaining it to us but the guy in the restaurant was really excited to see us all there. I think he thought we were gonna eat there. Oh well. After that we went to a church which was very deceiving. It was small and kinda plain on the outside but when we went inside we found out it was huge! I got a bunch of pictures so you can see what it looked like. After that I finally gave in a went to McDonalds with some of the other people in my group. Much to my surprise, it was very disappointing. There were only about 5 things to choose from, it was highly overpriced and it wasn't that good(at least not as good as mcdonalds at home). After that I went back to the hotel and read my book for a while. Then Adam, Jess and Justine invited me to dinner so we went to a restaurant. The food was good and the service was alright. I think the problem is that we are used to ordering, eating and leaving, but Italian people will finish eating and then sit and talk for an hour or so. You'd think restaurants would want to bring in more money but they are really slow about bringing the check. Anyway, after that Adam and I went back to the room to rest for a bit, but then a bunch of people invited us to a Jazz club. I didn't really want to go but decided "what the hell" and went anyway.
I'm so glad I did. The band was PHENOMENAL! They played Chicago-style jazz and I could not believe the talents of these musicians. I would have payed 20 bucks to see a concert of theirs at Schlow but instead I got to see them for free! It was truly amazing. Of course, nothing could top that so we all just went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Ugh. Today was abismal. Okay, it wasn't that bad but a lot of things went bad. We usually start around 9:30 in the morning but because they were celebrating their independance day, Harvey decided to start at 1:15. It was definitely nice to sleep in for once. It was cool but not cold so I decided to forego the sweatshirt(a mistake I regretted later). We took the metro to Flo-something and as soon as we saw the sky we saw that it was pouring. Not only was it pouring, it was HAILING. So I bought a small umbrella(which turned out to be a rip-off cause it started falling apart about an hour later) for five euros and we went and waited under an overhang until it stopped about 5 minutes later. From there we saw an Marcus Aurelis' Column and a few other things until we made our way to the Pantheon. I was excited because I had just read about it in "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown and I wanted to see how accurate he was. Also, I was freezing cold, being outside in the rain in a t-shirt and everything. Unfortunately, we arrived only to find that it was closed for their Independance Day. Apparently a lot of other people were surprised too because the overhang on the front of the Pantheon was packed full of people. So I got a sandwich(7 bucks and it sucked) and waited for Harvey to figure out what to do. He decided to go see another obelisk and then he took us to the bus stop so we could get back to the hotel. We caught a bus that was fairly crowded, but at the next stop it got worse. The Blue Loop at 3:30 had NOTHING on this bus. We were packed in like sardines but I got the idea that people were used to it. We finally got to Termini(the bus station closest to our hotel) and Andy and I walked back while the others that used the bus(some had got a taxi, others had walked, oddly we got there before all of them) went somewhere else. I read for a bit and then tried to find some postcards, remembered everything was closed and settled for getting some dinner. Pizza here is nothing like in the US. You can't get just a slice of cheese pizza. Everything is gourmet. You can get ham, turkey, pork, sausage, SALAD pizza, MACARONI AND CHEESE pizza, practically anything. It's crazy. Anyway, I got some pizza with sliced sausage on it and a pepsi. Then I went back to my room and read until now when I came here to write to you.
Man, I can't believe that I still have more than week until I get to see you, but then I remember that a week has gone by and I feel better. I really wish you would write more about what you're up to, but hey, it's your journal :) . I really miss you. I spend all day just thinking about you and playing with my bracelet(I've been wearing it religiously). I think you'll have to make me a new one though cause it's starting to fall apart :) . I'm going to call you tomorrow. I love you so much. Bye!!!
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