ssjgohan103 (ssjgohan103) wrote in lvkjms,

Coming Clean

Okay Lauren, here's the deal. I trust you right now and I know that you love me undoubtedly. I know that you want to be with me forever as I do for you.
For this reason, if I want to be able to face Brian and confidently tell him that he's full of shit, I need to know everything. I mean absolutely everything. Everything that you thought would hurt me and didn't want to tell me even though you said you had told me everything.
I need to know everything that Brian is going to say. I can't be blindsided by him. I also need to know everything that you think he won't say. I've been completely clean with you for a long time and you said you were clean with me. Unfortunately your email as told me that that is not the case. I need this Lauren. Please just tell me, okay?
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