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so, I suck. 'cause I can't stand people who are SO FUCKING ATTACHED and then I go and act like one of those people. :-D ooops.
[that is my ineffective way of apologizing for being really weird today.]

anyway, come over after work tomorrow night if you want. (I won't kick you out...if you're nice!)
Zoe misses you...she's sitting on your end of the couch looking confused. I keep telling her that you did NOT chose video games over us but she doesn't believe me. ;) (kidding! relax, silly.)

short, pointless post made even shorter:
sometimes I think you're the only person who actually understands me, when I don't even understand myself.

sorry if that scares you, hun, but there you have it. *shrug*

PS: love! (I was yelling it in my head)
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